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int er
I am the author of in all the places I could not find you (self-published, 2022) and parsetreeforestfire (Ethos Books, 2019), a finalist for the Singapore Literature Prize 2020. My poetry has appeared in New Singapore Poetries (Gaudy Boy Press, 2022), the Asian American Writers’ Workshop’s Transpacific Literary Project, minarets, The Volta, Of Zoos and the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, among others. I have also contributed my essays to Violent Phenomena: 21 Essays in Translation (Tilted Axis Press, 2022) and Practice, Research & Tangential Activities (PR&TA). I graduated with an MFA in Writing from Pratt Institute.

In my poetry and essays, I write to dismantle ideas of Malayness fabricated by British colonial stereotypes and the postcolonial nations of Malaysia and Singapore. My writing is influenced by theory, performance, Southeast Asian history, art history and literature, and experiments with asemic writing, translation, self-publishing, drawing and curation. With my writing, I give voice to a playful and culturally porous indigenous subject.